For Each Loop activity


I have a variable say test=10, i wanted to run a loop for 10 times. How to do this ?
Which activity need to use, tried with For Each its working only when i use {1,2,3…}
but i wanted to pass the variable test. help needed.

hi @Robotics,

The Same can be accomplished with a while Loop.

Take 2 variable . one to store 10 and other to increment counter by 1.

So in the Body of Do while - we put the code to process and increment the counter by 1 once the Processing is Done ,

In Condition I am verifying the Counter < 10


@ Mukesh - i tried with it, to some extent it is working. What i am trying to do is
Until the condition gets satisfied i want to press Tab which moves the cursor to a specific text field. In my code
Variable test contains value as 2 - so cursor need to press tab twice
Keeping other variable name intCounter with value as 0.


Actual result is only once tab is pressed. Need your thoughts…


Try This .