For each file in folder issue

I have an automation that goes through each subfolder in a particular folder and prints all files in that folder by date. I need it to go through each subfolder, print my date, and move onto the next subfolder and then print those. Right now it looks like the activity is group all files in all subfolder together ,grouping them by date and then printing.

Then you need to Put Two for Each over Folder.
One for two retrieve only folder path.
Second Inside first one to get Files by your desire date. Give it path as first one value.


Hi @Grey_Angel ,

Could you also let us know what is the Output that is generated and what is the Expected Output required ?


If you want by folder then use for each folder in folder activity first without sub folder inclusion and then use for each file in folder with folder path as currentFolder.FullName

And set the order by in the inner loop to be last modified date

This way you will have each folder looped and inside in folder you will get files ordered by date


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