Following packages can't be installed Uipath Sharepoint activity

I am unable to install sharepoint activity package my system is showing following error

Hi @Danish_Baig,
Please give us more details like Manage Packages settings for package feeds, your Studio version and logs for this warning if it’s possible.

Thank you for reply
Im Using uipath studio pro 2020.10.4-beta.1 Community Lisence

Here are logs for error
Logs for error.txt (92.8 KB)

Everything looks fine except one thing I observed on your screenshot:
Seems that for some reason nugetpack from your settings make this error. In fact Sharepoint package comes from the Marketplace feed. Please disable your “nugetpack” from the setting and we will see what will happen it you will try to install it.

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Tried that but couldnt workout
now im using a different system and successfully installed Uipathteam.sharepoint.activities but getting this error while checking connection.
SP error

Please check if everything is done the same way as described in the package documentation. You can find it here (on the right side):