I have 7 folders where i stored 7 excel sheets …i need to fetch all this folder and i need to store in one folder :file_folder: where it should contain all 7 excel sheet data …do any one have the solution…pls if you get an solution …let me know

You can store all Folder path in List or in array and then loop then in for each
Then use DIRECTORY.GETFILES To access each folders files and then use Move/Copy File and give destination path as common folder and in source u can give Directory.Getfiles(Item.tostring)(0) —>(Note i am assuming there will be only one excel file)

Hey @praveenchintu374

Please find attached workflow for your query.

Refer to a xaml named Folders

The Source folder is the folder in which there are files(as you have mentioned) and Destination is where everything is getting copied.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have ay (30.4 KB)

Hey @praveenchintu374
Just wanted to check if the solution helped or not

Can u send me the workflow for this

@praveenchintu374 that is already attached in my previous reply.

But it’s not in a proper way…please can u send clear workflow

@praveenchintu374 Can you exactly specify what problem are you facing?

Because I have sent all the dummy files along with workflow in the zip file.

I have 7 folders in that each of the folder contains one excel files i need to copy all the excel files to one destination file

@praveenchintu374 I have build exactly same workflow try to understand the workflow it’s very easily created.

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