Fixe the number of digits after the comma


I need to make a decimal number with only three digits after the comma without doing the round function.

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Can you give some examples like how your input number will be and how you want the output?

Exemple : input 271.7815
Output: 271.781

one of many options: cutting off with regex:

Sorry I don t know how to really use regex

you can use the protoyped line from immediate panel in an assign activity like

Assign Activity:
myNumberAsString = Regex.Match(MyNumber.TosString,"\d+.\d{0,3}").Value

Ensure following:

Thats all we need to do

e.g. also explains us the patterns:

Let me check also for an alternate approach

we should keep in mind that we can do it on a string base. But we don’t know the variations and if we can rely on the presence of the decimal dot and a minimum decimal part length. Otherwise we are risking exceptions.

For a defensive retrieval of the 2 parts (before/after Dot) we can do (but looks more complicating the things)

as we can see, no error is reported in case we have no dot or decimal part length < 3

Along with this variation:


Hi @Loha,

You can use this for another solution.




Thank you all.
I was able to resolve my problem by using

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