Finding duplicate in excel

Hi All,

I need to check for duplicate values in excel and need to update for the respective row as as duplicate,
am able to achieve it using the excel formula .which is mentioned in yellow

problem in on the highlighted one with red - here we have the duplicate entries in column A&C(12,13,14) where in B(12,13) are same but B14 is different

with the formula i have its updating the column D(12,13) as duplicate which is correct but as per busines logic , even the column A,B,C items matches and it has the combination of 2 towl and 1 bath it should not update as duplicate


Excel formula used : =IF(COUNTIFS(A:A,A3,C:C,C3,B:B,B3)>1,“Duplicate”," ")

Any idea pls

Any suggestion pls

Hi @Fresher

Please check this posts might help you,

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Hi @Latika10011740 - Thank you

my requirement is need to update the column as duplicate - not to remove
Any suggestions pls

Any suggestions pls