Find the smallest and biggest numbers in an Array

Hi, I am pretty new on UIpath so I have have a lot of challenging on my learning.

There is an excercise called: Find the smallest and biggest numbers in an Array, but when I am trying to get the output, it show me the same number as min or max.

This is the output:

The minimum number is: 10
The maximum number is: 10

My thoughts are than the issue is in this section:

Does anyone knows where the problem is?

Thanks to all!


For now, can you check the following?

  1. Check Scope of max and min variable. These scope should be wider than For Each.
  2. Assign activity in “If array(index)<min” should be min =Array(index).


Can someone share the complete solution for this practise session,as i am new to this i am facing lot of issues.


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Where is your Index value initiated ? and where you are making it incremented ?
can you check once.

What values are assigned to TypeArgument and Output in the For Each activity? Could you share variables used?