Find the array value in collections of string


I have a list of array like
keyword = {“veera”,“stand”,“gh”,“viju”) am used to check whether this on keyword.Any(Function(s) res.Contains(s))

i want to know the above condition is True then what is the value or index

i dont a loop

Hi @veera_g

For this loop it in for each item based on argument type as string

Print the item in message box


loop means we want one by on e in this my condition my second string is true then i want exact match of second
i want a print for this second

hi @veera_g

Do one thing pass string array to is matches activity

and give regex pattern(?<=stand)

Ashwin S

i have N number string means

hi @veera_g

what is ur requirement actually

Ashwin S

Hello @veera_g,
Use an IF Condition to check if “contains” is true and then print the value.

keywords = {“veera”,“stand”)
searchWord = “stand”

If Condition = (keywords.Any(Function(word) word.Contains(searchWord)))
Print = keywords(Array.IndexOf(keywords, searchWord))


And if just need to get the index use this inside your if condition.
Array.IndexOf(keywords, searchWord)

aswin i stored list in keyword to n number of strings

and i checked for if condition its true means i want which index of the string is matched

if my condition was true means i want to display this

we dont know the searchword then how to identify the word