Find owner/creator of a file

I’m searching for a way to find the owner of a file with UiPath studio, how do I do this?

Hi @Siene,

Try below code to get the Owner of the file:
string user = System.IO.File.GetAccessControl(path).GetOwner(typeof(System.Security.Principal.NTAccount)).ToString();


I tried that code already before but I always get an error → The workflow has validation errors. Review and resolve them first.

System.Activities.InvalidWorkflowException: The workflow has validation errors. Review and resolve them first. —> System.Activities.ValidationException: Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “System.IO.File.GetAccessControl(file.FullName).GetOwner(typeof(System.Security.NTAccount)).ToString”
‘Is’ expected.

Hi Siene,

Can you please change as below and try :


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When I try this one I get compile error … it says ‘ls’ is expexted … I don’t know what this error means and how do a resolve it …

Hi @Siene, modifying @Sasi.lalo 's one :


Notice that:

If a user is an administrator, then the files they created are considered to be owned by the whole administrators group, not the individual user.

Ref: How can I find out who created a file in Windows using .NET? - Stack Overflow

So, if you created the file and you are an Administrator, it will always return BUILTIN\Administrators to you.


Thank you, It was indeed the .Value and not .String! thank you!