Find Minimum date value from datatable


I am trying to filter the below data table based on ID Time column. I need to filter the Minimum date value from the same column,

ID ID Time Call Detail1 Call Detail2 Call Detail3 Call Detail4 Status IncidentId
1 01/20/2018 00:07:04 jose jose jose jose Completed 1234
2 01/20/2018 00:07:05 kannan kannan kannan kannan Completed 2354
3 01/20/2018 00:07:06 NEW
4 01/20/2018 00:07:07 NEW
5 01/20/2018 00:07:08 NEW

I used the below logic but it was not working for me,

minDate = Convert.ToDateTime(dataTable.Compute(β€œMIN(TheDateColumnName)”, null))

Can anyone please help me on this?


I am not a C# expert but in the following paragraph I am trying to go over your assign statement

Convert.ToDateTime Basically you give it a string and it returns a DateTime value.

The Compute part applies an aggregate function to the specified column.

So my understanding is that you do compare strings and then you get the result (which is a string) and convert it to DateTime.

I would go by converting to DateTime first and then aggregating the MIN.
Maybe more experienced C# guys can confirm or infirm what I am saying …

Hi @shajanjose,

Try below code to get minimum date from the column.
Convert.ToDateTime(((from DataRow dr in dt.Row orderby Convert.ToDateTime(dr("ID Time")) ascending select dr).FirstOrDefault(("ID Time")))

Arivu :slight_smile:

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Equivalent as Lambda expression, assuming the column is a DateTime (looks like it is the case)

dtmFirst = CDate(dt.AsEnumerable.OrderBy(Function(r)r("ID Time")).FirstOrDefault()("ID Time"))

Cheers :slight_smile:

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