Find Maximum Value in the column


I want to identify the max value in the column how can i identify and put in the message box

Please find the attached excel file in the max value i need to identify and publish in the message box.

test.xlsx (8.3 KB)

my flow as like this

UsingMaxFunction.xaml (11.5 KB)

please help to resolve the errors

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Double Variable =Datatable.AsEnumerable().Max(Function(row) Convert.ToDouble(row(“ColName”)))

Try this

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@Shubham_Akole I found this error

Hello @Shriharsha_H_N,

You could do with formula as following

=Max (B2:F10)

you can give a range like A1:A100,


i need to do in uipath

Your Number format is not Proper…
Simple option is sort the Datatable in descending order order using Sortdata table activity…
and Extract 1 value in the column using get row item activity…

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Hi ,
Check this one

Here is the video demonstration.

Thank you

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