Find keyword inside excel


I have a problem i can’t to make work the Function SELECT.
My problem is: i need to find specific word (keyboard) inside a text from column, the keyboard is OK. The column name is Desc
E.g. I use this Dt_Result.Select("(Desc)=‘OK’")

Thank you very much
Please help

This is my file (16.6 KB)

Dt_Result.Select("Desc=‘OK’") or Dt_Result.Select("[Desc]=‘OK’")

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Hi, thank you

Don’t work, because i use read column so they give me a error when i use assign, and i don’t know why

Can I know the error message?


You can refer the following program, once you use select statement you should use looping for accessing the data of the filtered column.

Main.xaml (10.0 KB)

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i found a different solution so thanks thousand to both for the help.
have a good day