Find Item (in Excel Column) on Webpage and select the corresponding arrow for it


I am new to Studio and I am working on a project to autofill a form. I got the portion that fills out the form using data from excel to work but now I am having trouble getting the bot to find and select the item from an excel list in a website. The data I want the bot to look is in “Sheet1” and in Column “Group Name”.

This is what I have so far:

After this, I have For Each Row > Anchor Base with Find Element in the left and Click the Green Arrow in the right side.

Hi @Jenny_Ye1

Welcome to UiPath forum. To help you better, please confirm if the issue you are facing are:

  1. Unable to select the dropdown list
  2. Unable to get data in excel sheet1, group name column

Is my understanding right?

I am unable to get data from excel sheet 1, group name column

and then input it into the website form.

Hi @Jenny_Ye1

Have you completed RPA Developer Foundation training. See image below.

The training is free, just register and learn. You can download a community edition which is also free to practice what you learn.

Maybe you can share your xaml & Sample excel?