Filtering row in data table

Guys i have an excel like this

ID Number Name
00081 John
00082 Kelvin
00083 Michael
17784 Doe
17790 Nicholas

I want to filter the row, i only want the row that doesnt start with 008. I tried using filter datatable activity but it didnt work.

Can you share the expected output? @Kelvin1

Hi @Kelvin1

In my environment it is working. Have you tried with Filter Data Table activity. If yes check out the Image



Can you try to set PreserveFormat ON or DisplayValue in ReadRange, as the following?

Then, can you use Filiter DataTable?


Hi @Gokul001 the expected output that i want is the ID Number that doesnt start with 0008.

Hi @Yoichi im using the data table from data scraping not with a read range. There is no option like that in extract data

HI @Kelvin1

Then try like this in the Filter activity

Output Snap



Hi @Gokul001 ah i see, in the value we should give the double quotation?

Yes @Kelvin1

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