Filtering Data from data table

Hi All,

I have some data in datatable.
I want to apply filter on 2 columns.

1)First column is name where I have to apply filter on column name which starts with “Ravi”

2)second column is created time which has data like “24/08/2020 18:22” here I want to check if the time difference between created time and is greater than 18 hours.
If the time is greater then 18 hours then get those rows in datatable.

Please help

Hi @ravig1206,

You can first use a Filterdatatable activity and filter the rows with value as ‘Ravi’ this will be outputed to a new DT then on that DT then use a select function and a DateDiff function using DateDiff you can take out the difference , if the difference is greater than 18 hours then copy it to a new datatable using .Copytodatatable , and using add data row in a for each loop add that rows to your dt.


Hi Shikhar,

Thanks for your reply.
But I have not used select function earlier can you please help me with function.