Filtering a DT in loop does not work

I want to filter a DT in loop.

First I tried Filter Data Table activity, but when I check the filtered data table, it has no data except for the header.
I checked if the input data table has data by debugging, and it does have data of the column.
The input data table is previously joined. I am not sure if the joined data table cannot be filtered or not.

I also tried below queries,

dtJoined.Select("[Sales Order_1]='CurrentRow(0).toInt32'").CopyToDataTable
dtJoined.Select("[Sales Order_1]='CurrentRow(0).toString'").CopyToDataTable
dtJoined.Select("[Sales Order_1]='CurrentRow(0)'").CopyToDataTable

but I got an error saying

Assign: Cannot perform '=' operation on System.Double and System.String.

How do I make it work?


Can you try the following LINQ expression?

dtSOGroup = dtJoinedZ0AS.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) r("Sales Order_1").ToString()=CurrentRow(0).ToString).CopyToDataTable()


Assign :
Str = CurrentRow(0).Tostring.Trim

dtJoinedZ0AS.Select(“[Sales Order_1]='”+Str+“'”).CopyToDataTable


Str = CurrentRow(0).Tostring.Trim

dtJoinedZ0AS.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) r(“Sales Order_1”).ToString.Equals(Str)).CopyToDataTable