Filter Pivot Table has an error

Help I have problem with the pivot table, I want to filter a pivot table that I create but I have this error
Filter Pivot Table: 0x800A03EC
The name of the table and the sheet are correct
I have the activity inside excel procces scoope and use excel file

HI @Juandix

Those hoja and Right(hoja4) are strings? Why they are not inside double quotes?


No, hoja is a variable and right says only take de 4 characters to de right

This is the error that I get


Can you check if any backgroud excel is tunning and close

Also can you print and check the variable values


The variable has the name of the pivot table and the sheet where the pivot table is, the excel file is open because it forse me to use the activity use excel file


Before running the process check if any excel application is left out by opening task manager