Greetings friends.

I have a cruel doubt and I would like a light hehe

I have a process that is iterative: I have to fetch some information from a table daily. It consists of filtering a given information 50 times and copying this filtered information to another spreadsheet to continue my process.

I tried to make it as crude as possible. However, uipath does not identify the columns to process with the filters. I believe because it is a spreadsheet connected to a database and it pulls a lot of information

I’ve been reading on the forum that uipath has activities that filter information, but I have no idea how to start assembling.

I made a process, attacking the specific window I want, and started to make the process step by step. I would like to know, if in the part where I have to filter information from a column I can use the table filter functions… how do I do this? I need to link the spreadsheet for it to read its database correct?

Is there a simpler way to do this process?

Hello Paulo,
Have you tried following steps?

  1. Use Excel Scope
  2. Provide the file on which you work.
  3. Use and apply filter activity

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Boa tarde,
Vou testar essa atividade e retorno para ver se tive sucesso.