Filter Excel table by unique identifier and send it by e-mail

Hi everyone,

My intention is to create a bot that filters an Excel table by a unique identifier, pastes the filtered table in a new e-mail and sends it out to a different e-mail address for each unique identifier.

Does that sounds like something UiPath would do? Which activities could I use?

Thank you

yes,its possible with Uipath and is pretty simple.Just need to spend a little time knwoing the below activites. …Use excel scope to read the excel,then you can filter it based on your need as it will be in data table type.Use “html” properties in send mailmessage activity to paste it in email…Have the unique identifiers in a variable and assign accordingly in email activity properties.

Activites to be used : Excel application scope,filter data table,send outlook mail message(with properties “is html” - checked"

Thank you Samuel, I am having issues finding a way to filter each unique value in the FilterOptions of the Filter Table activity. The only way I made it work was typing one of the values in the FilterOptions.

Do you know what VB expression would help me?


Please use Read range activity within excel scope first… You will have the ouput as DataTable…Then use “Filter data table activity” which will have wide options to filter… After done filtering you can write back to excel sheet using write range activity