Filter date but not include Weekend

Hi In my condition here is I need to filter out the Date less than 14Days of Effectivity date (Not included the weekends)

Condition: Days Before Effectivity date >=14Days

if Current Date >= 14 days of Effectivity Date
~WriteLine~ Success

Else Current date < 14days of Effectivity Date
~WriteLine~ Failed

Please see sample below for reference

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Vincent_Nuestro

I have created the code logic in the attached xaml file I hope it will help you
Sequence1.xaml (19.9 KB)

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Can I have the screenshot instead?
I cant open the file because of the project version

I have attached as a solution. Can you try this one (3.7 KB)

Hi @aanandsanraj

What do you think is the error here?

@Vincent_Nuestro Effectivity Date is not valid date string let me know what is the value are you getting from

row(“Effectivity date”)

at this point?

Hi @aanandsanraj


@Vincent_Nuestro as per your first screenshot I used that date format and now the current screenshot shows different

Can you change the code for EffectivityDate assign to like below?

EffectivityDate = CDate(row(“EffectivityDate”).ToString)

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hi @aanandsanraj it works now:)

Thank you
but how do I remove the 00:00:00

You are welcome @Vincent_Nuestro.

EffectivityDate is datetime datatype so as of now there is no time in the input date so it is taking default time as 00:00:00. If you want remove the time you have to convert to string like below. Note EffectivityDate datatype must be string.


Thank you so much for your Help :slight_smile: @aanandsanraj

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You are most welcome @Vincent_Nuestro :slightly_smiling_face:

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