Filter Datatable Problem

Excel Sheet :


I am tring to filter out the #N/A values of this excel sheet using the filter datatable activity but somehow the result I am getting is like this


The N/A Values are also showing up as Negative Numbers Which I am not Expecting

Any help is appreciated

Could you share how input file looks like ?

just show us the datatable after filtering when using the immediatepanel during a debug

Hi @Ishan_Shelke ,

Could you first check the Contents of the Datatable after Read Range ?

You could Debug and check the contents whether the values are actually being read as negative numbers.

Also, Give a try on Preserve Format option in Read Range and check the contents.

You were correct the #N/A values are being read as negative numbers is there a way to tackle this ?

Preserve Format Option Did the Trick Thanks :slight_smile:

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