Filter datatable by date range regardless of year

Hi, how can i filter a datatable column anything >= 02/17 and <= 02/19 [MM/dd] regardless of the year. It should filter as long as there are dates found for 17th Feb, 18th Feb and 19th Feb regardless of the year.

I tried using this query, but it only returns the current year, not for the previous year records.

dt.Select("[Exercise/Vest Date] >= ‘#08/17#’ AND [Exercise/Vest Date] <= ‘#08/19#’").Count

something like this

dt = dt.AsEnumerable.Where(function(row) cdate(row("Exercise/Vest Date")).Day >= 17 and cdate(row("Exercise/Vest Date")).Day <= 19 and cdate(row("Exercise/Vest Date")).Month = 2).CopyToDataTable

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