Filter datatable based on month

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This is very small query but I tried a lot of approach to filter data based on month but didn’t get any succcess?

Can someone help me …
Please find the attach excel.New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx (13.1 KB)


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Hi @md.ahtesham
The question is not to detailed but .
I will give you some idea about your issue.
1.Use Excel application scope activities.
2.Use Read Range activities.
3.Use Foreachrow activities to iterate in the dattable.
4.Format the value that you will get upon iteration.
Sample :smiley:
row (“Next Renewal Date”).Tostring(“MM”) and if you get the month then if you have incoming inputs. just add assignactivities and format again that variable like the way we format the value in dattable.

I home this might be helpful to you.
If you have any issue.just raise here and i will address it .


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Super simple way to do this would be using filter data table activity.

As an example:

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