Filter Data Table Rows Count is giving 0 after using TimeSpan.Parse

Hi Everyone,

I am working on CSV file to to get the count of late comers punched after 08:30:00.
I have used the filter data table to get the late comers punched data by using the assing activity to convert each row of Column “1”, with TimeSpan.Parse(row.item(“1”).tostring).

But the out put rows is always 0.

Can anyone please help me on this.
Attached Workflow: (15.0 KB)

Likely the FilterDataTable activity doesn’t process properly the condition

Better filter using Select method

Late_DT = DailyPunchedDT.Select("[1] > '08:30:00'").CopyToDataTable

See for more:


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Hi @J0ska,

Thank you very much for your reply. its worked. But why filter data table fails for the same scenario?


This is rather question to FilterDataTable activity developer :slight_smile:

@loginerror: This seems to be a defect in the activity. How to report it?

Hi @J0ska

The easiest would be directly from Studio:

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