Filter Data Table in For Each

variable billNumber = filtered unique number from an array.

When I want to filter billNumber… it shows 0 row
if the Operation change to IS NOT EMPTY , it detected all the rows (include all non distinct value).

Anyone can highlight to me which part I did wrongly ?

can you upload the xaml and excel?

Hi can you share us the excel and ur xaml


I can see two DataTables.

  1. db

your input may be Array(String) or List(String)…

you wants to achieve looping through the Array or list of items and compare with the dataTable am i correct?

if you wants to compare the data which is in the list or Array you wants to loop through your flow should be like this

  1. ReadRange-output->DT
    2.For each row in dataTable → Looping through->DT
    3.For each ->Loop through->Array(String) or List(String)
    4.Use If condition item.equals(CurrentRow(“ColumnName”).ToString)

That’s it


Hi Jack

Excel.xaml (19.7 KB)
Excel File.xlsx (9.8 KB)

Hi there,

There is a table of data.
1st I want to get the unique value from column B.
Which I am already achieved. (variable = unique_Bill - List of String)

After that, update value “Downloaded” at column C

Example: Doc# 460120911 , it should be able to write “Download” at both orange highlight at Column C

When I try the For Each activity- using variable = unique_Bill - List of String
I didnt produce a table…

It can get the unique value, but the filtered table is empty row

change filter datatable to this

reason it failed is because billNumber was a string but in excel its a number so in the filter you need to change it to a number too

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