Filter data table for two columns


I have a datatable extracted from CRM. I have an excel. Three columns are ter in the excel. In data table I will have to make use of two columns and compare with one column of excel. In that excel column, half of the column has one data which is ter in column 1 of datatable. Half of the data is ter in column 2 of datatable. Using filter datatable, am able to either first half of the column or the second half…so any idea how to solve this?

Hi @s.nandakumar ,

In Filter Data Table activity, use OR operator.

Column1 = Column3
Column2 = Column3

Hope this is helpful.

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Thank you. That is what am following but the problem is Operation section where only equals to works but not starts with. Any idea about that?


It will be helpful if you show your input sheet & expected output.

Hi Shraddha…I did the same thing. It worked. Just that “Starts With” the operation doesn’t capture the word mentioned in the excel column. Also, the contains but + operation alone worked.

Glad to know you solved it. :slight_smile: