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Hello everyone,
I have file 1, I need to take each line from column A and find the given number in file 2 in column A, read the text from file 2 from column B and send a message to the mail from column C. The problem is that the agent numbers are listed out of order . Can you please tell me how can this be done? any ideas
file1.xlsx (8.9 KB)
file2.xlsx (10.5 KB)


I am hoping you are using 2 for each loops to check if the agent numbers are matching or not. In that case, it doesn’t matter even if the orders are not correct in both excels.


Hi @yulya
You can use the For Each Datatable activity for table 1 and use the value in each row as input for Lookup Datatable activity with table 2. It will output the rowindex for table 2 and you can use it to get value from column B and C and perform your task

You can use Join DataTable activity for this. Left join would work

Join Data Tables (

Thank you, but when I select mail, one number corresponds to several mails

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