Filter data table by date to get only current month data

Hi ,
Im trying to filtrer data table based on Date to get current month data only. Can someone help me in writting for it.
screenshot has date format

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Hi @Raj_Kumar1

Dt.Select(“Started '” &“MM”) & "’ ").CopyToDataTable

Hope this helps you!!!

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Hi Shubham,

Thanks for the quick response. Im new to .net and uipath. can you just tell me whats happening inside ?? what is ‘&’ for?

By the way Date format is “MM/DD/YYYY” that you wrote has some syntactical error. I was trying to correct it but as i told you i’m new to .net and uipath i could not.


Hi @Raj_Kumar1

Pass me your XAML file, let me correct it for you!!!

The date format is in “MM/DD/YYYY” though if we want date from current month it’s with “MM”

& is to pass the date in a variable, saying so I understood what was wrong in my query

dt.Select(“Started = ’“MM”) ’ ").CopyToDataTable

If it’s still erring pass me the whole project, I’ll get it sorted :slight_smile:

yah the condition should be like this
–use a assign activity and create a variable like this
in_date = New DateTime(now.year,now.month,1)
then another assign activity like this

DT = DT.Select("[yourcolumnname] > ’ # + in_date.ToString + # ’ ").CopyToDatatable()

yourcolumnname = the columnname here is Started
in_date = The variable that stores the first day of the current month

hope this would help you
Cheers @Raj_Kumar1

Sequence.xaml (10.8 KB)

Input file is of type CSV … I Could not upload it.

Wasn’t able to test it, but try using the following:
Create a month variable with“MM”)

DT.Select("[Started] = ’ # + month.toString + # ’ ").CopyToDatatable()


dt.Select(“[Started] = '” & Month.tostring & "’ ").CopyToDataTable

HI Palaniyappan,
I tried your logic but it copying all rows to new data table.

@Raj_Kumar1 the select query can be used to overwrite on original data base as well!!!

It’s just getting the date sorted out!!! Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @Palaniyappan For my Excel the queries is not working. Could you please help how to figure it out? I need to filter out the current month date.
I have used two ways
1)"[CA Agreed Completion Date] =’"+DateTime.Now.Month.ToString ).CopytoDatatable
2) Using filter wizard activity -> “Column Name” Contains "DateTime.Now.ToString (“MM/yyyy”)

I have declared “CA Agreed Completion Date” as Datetime in buildtable activity.