Filter Data table between two data tables

Let’s say we have two data table

Table 1

Table 2

Table 1 contains All the data including duplicates under the column ORDER NUMBER

But Table two contains only unique data’s under the column ORDER NUMBER

Now Question is

From Table 2 whatever unique data’s is available under the column ORDER NUMBER for that unique data’s I need get the relevant duplicate data’s aswell from Table 1.

I mean need to get the duplicate rows along with the original row

How to do it Any idea

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This is a good use case for the Select Method, you may need to extract the unique identifiers of your Table 2. and lookup the first table based on them. You may get a similar result using the filter datatable activity.

In the end the logic is the same: define the search criteria, and then lookup the data you need

Hey @suryasuhas527

Join Data Table will be a good option to go with !