Fill multiples excel pages with one excel file


I’m trying to find a way to copy each row from one excel file to an other file with specific cells… once done saves the file and open new one and so on, until there’s no more rows…!

Thanks any advance!

Hi @Maroua302

use excel application scope & use select range & use send hotkey ctrl+c & use excel application scope use send hot key ctrl+v

Ashwin S

Hi @AshwinS2

Thanks for ur response!

This is not what i’m looking for, i’m trying to use read range save the data into data tables… and then use a loop to get each row from the file (First File) and save it on the second one. Also, create a new one and the do the same thing until there’s no more rows on the first file.

Hi @Maroua302,

Use Read Range to Read All data
Then use for each row to loop through it. You will use the Copy Sheet activity to copy the sheet so you can have the same template.
Now you use Get Workbook Sheets activity to get all the name of the created copied sheets.
Finally just do another for each to input the info for each row in for each tab.

All you need is the excel activities:

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Thank you @rmunro

Can u please show me an example? Why copy the sheet activity ? i mean i need only the data inside, than have to copy it on the other file like an invoice, and save it as invoice number 1 etc, until there’s no more data on first file… (Exemple Données 1…11)