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Hi, all. I need to check for files created on today’s date. If the file is available, I need to send an email otherwise end the process. I was testing using a log message to see if it worked, however, despite me having a file that was modified today, it is saying no match. What am I doing wrong? Kindly advise.



Hi @Anived_Mishra

use writeline activity to print left and right side of the condition…there might be some format differences which is causing this issue

Instead of LastWriteTime try giving FileInfo(x).CreationTime.Date and check

Also give full path inside Directory.GetFiles(), if the file present inside Anived folder give a / after Anived

Hey, it still is a no-match message, unfortunately.

Is the file present inside the ‘Anived’ folder?

Hey @Lak_Ui , tried that. Same response: No match.

Can you share the writeline results

Hey @Anived_Mishra
Find attached .xaml file for your ref.
Check File CreationDate.xaml (8.9 KB)

Hope it helps.


i was asking you to print lastwritetime and so that you can understand the format difference

Thank you it worked.

Thank You for your help.

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