File Conversion Query

Hi Team,

How do I convert .DBF file to CSV

Tried it to rename but data after 10lakhs is not converted

Any method or approach to do this

Supriya Yenaganti

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Can you open the file in excel and save it via that route?

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Hi @TimK

Did by opening excel but some data goes missing

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Hey @supu123

Could you please show or attach a dbf file here to check ?


How many data items / rows are there on dbf file?

You’ll need to read the data into datatable variables and then write it back out to CSV.

What activity will I use to read the dbf fie and store it in databale


File is around 300mb so cannot be attached

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Excel can read dbf files, so open it in Excel, save it as an Excel file, then use the Excel activities to read it.

Hey @supu123

Did you try with Read Excel or CSV activity and Write again back using UiPath ?

Also, please show a small snap of how dbf file data looks like…


Hi @Nithinkrishna

while using read csv or excel getting an error

“Read CSV: The CSV file format for C:\Users\Venkatesh Yenaganti\Desktop\ICICI\file2 - Copy.DBF is invalid. Line 3 contains more values than the header line.”

Hello @supu123

Can you make a dummy copy of dbf file which of small size and attach here.

Else can you share a screenshot of the file here. Need to see how the file looks

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

shared drive link file2 - - Google Drive

Thanks and Regards,

Excel only supports max 1,048,576 rows which might explain why data after 10 lakhs is missing.