File: Conversion from string to double

Invoke Workflow File: Conversion from string "16,4.44,618.09
" to type ‘Double’ is not valid.

I was extracting OCR and the output is “16,4.44,618.09” , how do we handle this one to be converted into a double , valid double ? Thank you

Change OCR Engine and check if value is getting extracted is correct.

Because your current extraction is showing two decimals in one number which is invalid.

How to know which we have to use?

You can always replace ,(comma) from String if giving problem using varStr.Replace(“,”,String.Empty)

But you have to check on having two dots in one number

@Pravin_Patil1 what do you mean by "But you have to check on having two dots in one number

" ?

Is this one amount or two amounts?

one amount

Then Looking at this you haven’t confused that what is exact amount?

Is it 164.4461809 OR 16444618.09

If you see at position 5 and 12 there are two decimals in one string which shouldn’t

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@Pravin_Patil1 The original and the correct one Is 16,444,618.09 but the OCR got it as

We cant also improve the OCR accuracy so can we solve it using .replace ? Thank you.

this is correct 16444618.09

Which OCR Engine you are using currently?

Try below OCR once.


I am using OmniPage