Fetching value from string

hello guys
i have various strings
for eg
1 46+ “h2go Bolt Stainless Steel Sport Bottle - 24 oz.” 0.1 0.1 12131076 Notes: blue

1 982 “h2go Venture Vacuum Bottle - 40 oz. - 24 hr” Jul 09 2018 0 0 12133169 Notes: Lemon/Black

i wanna fetch the value which contains oz
i cannot spilt by “-” as sometimes there is no dash present
New Microsoft Excel Worksheet - Copy.xlsx (14.2 KB)

for reference i have attached an excel file
pls refer the column “Descripstion”
as i need to fetch oz value
pls help me

Hi @arjun27

I made some logic to make this, but you must apply that to your code and manipulate de string data as you want. I just made that sample to know if thats able.

Kinds regards,


I have created a workflow for your problem check it and let me know.
STRING.xaml (13.4 KB)