Fetching data from Teradata database


I have to connect to a Teradata database and fetch data in UiPath. I know Teradata uses a SQL dialect, but have the following questions:

  1. Can we use the existing App Integration > Database activities (part of SQL Activities Pack) to work with Teradata? Do we need to install additional Drivers?
  2. If not, is there a separate Package in UiPath for working with Teradata?


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Any one provide update / solution for this?


Use SQL SELECT expressions to retrieve data from the Teradata Database. Each SQL SELECT Teradata statement retrieves information for one set of results. Use the BTEQ REPEAT command or = when exporting multiple records from the Teradata database.

Download the data in REPORT format
When requesting data in REPORT format, BTEQ performs the following activities:

  • Gets both the result value and the result label (such as a column heading).
  • Organize information in a table.
  • Use one record (row) per row to describe the table in the export file that contains all the labels.

Close the Exporting File

  1. Close the export file using the RESET option of the BTEQ EXPORT command.

  2. If the export file specifies the REPORT format, it may be useful to use the system editor to remove all page headers, footers, and column headers from the file.

Specify the Import File
Use the BTEQ IMPORT command to specify the file as an import file, using the same format specifications that you used for the EXPORT command in step 1.

Resubmit the Output Data
Use the SQL statement and the USE tool to retrieve reproduced data as an introduction. If you want to add more than one record to the Teradata database, use BTEQ REPEAT or = command.