Fetch data from sql using stored procedure and pit into website

Can anyone help me to fetch Tracking information for sales order on website…

Need to fetch tracking number from data warehouse using sql stored procedure and put into particular order’s detail on website.

Hey @pari_patel

You can refer the following thread.


Thanks… from there If I want to use particular field to put under website , how It would be possible? Which activities will be best to use?

In my case, I want to put tracking number for particular order number from database… So, Can you guide me through ?

Thank you in advance.

Hello @pari_patel ,

Can you describe your scenario in more details?

Shortly, it might be like:

  1. Extract information from Database using Execute SQL Query.
    This will return a datatable
  2. For each row in datatable, put the information in your website.
    2.1 Login to website (Open browser or Use application browser activity)
    2.2 Type into the information what you want.

Ofcourse, you can have a ton of if’s/rules filter’s or things like this, depending on your scenario.


Hey @wasea Thank you so much for your help I am sure it will work on my usecase.

See more detail on my usecase :

I have to fetch tracking number from sql data warehouse to put into website for particular order.

Once I have tracking number on my data table … I have to go into website , check order status , if status is unfulfilled then I have to open that order and put tracking details from sql datatable and save that order details.

I have to repeat that thing for all unfulfill order.

Thank you in advance.