Feature to remove the commented activities or particular activity from workflow


Is there any feature in a plan to remove the required activity from the workflow all at once without deleting it one by one?

For example, in my workflow, if I have used multiple message box activities. I need to delete all the message box activity in the workflow. Now we need to delete them one by one and it’s a time-consuming task if we are going for complex automation.

So if a new feature that can list down the activities used in the workflow and if we can choose the required and click on the delete button will be helpful.

Also in the automation, there can be multiple commented activities, which are not required. If a feature to remove the commented activities can save a lot of time.

(Same as how we can remove the unwanted variables and arguments)


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Thank you for your suggestion, it will be considered by our team in the future.

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