Fastest way to scroll back to date in friends timeline (for quiz)

Hi there, I’m trying to work out the most efficient way to search a friends timeline back to a certain date.

I’ve created the attached workflow, but it’s inefficient and not exactly what I want. Also, it’s a manual process (and guessing game) setting the number of times it repeats.

I’m trying to achieve a robot that scrolls back on a friends timeline to 2012. Then I’ll manually find posts to use in a quiz I’m running next week. It’s quite funny, it’s a “who said this round” using friends old posts.

Ideally, I’d like the process to be able to:

  • search friends timeline back to January of X year, then I’d like to be able to ask the robot to search to the next month.

The alternative is scrolling for hours on end, which doesn’t seem like fun at all!

Any advice gratefully appreciated.

Facebookpost_search.1.0.1.nupkg (8.2 KB)

Oh, and if it could complete the process simultaneously on say 8 friends profiles, that would be perfect.