Failed To Get Organization Information

Seeing issues during browsing Automation suite URL: - Failed to get organization info - Request failed with status code 401

Issue Description:

Failed to get organization info

Request failed with status code 401
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Troubleshooting steps:

  • Generate Support Bundle logs and Diagnostic logs or check the certificate for its expiry.
  • 401 is usually seen when the existing certificate is expired, the outcome of the logs above may look something like the below:
root@xxx123 UiPathAutomationSuite]# openssl x509 -enddate -noout -in tls.crt
notAfter=Aug 25 08:08:45 2022 GMT
  • If the certificate is expired, follow the below steps to update the certificate:
    • Generate a domain certificate for both Online and Air-gapped installations(Kind note that we do not recommend using a self-signed certificate).
    • Decrypt the certificate key using the below steps:​​​​​​
  • Run the script to update the certificate as shown below. You need the path to each of the three certificate files. All the certificate files should be in PEM format.

    • Certificate Authority Bundle - This bundle should contain the certificate used to sign the TLS server certificate.
    • Server Certificate - Public server certificate
    • Private key - Private key for server certificate
sudo ./ tls-cert update --ca-cert-file /path/to/cacert --tls-cert-file /path/to/tlscert --tls-key-file /path/to/tlskey

Below files will be stored in the /directory/path/to/store/certificate location.

To print out the certificate files, run the following command, specifying the directory where certificates are stored.
sudo ./ tls-cert get --outpath /directory/path/to/store/certificate


This should resolve the issue.

In case the issue persist, gather the latest Support Bundle land Diagnostic logs and create a Support ticket with UiPath.