Facing Issue on Create Form Task - Action Center

I am new in action center and building one small bot where I made one small form which will take employee rating and will go to action center and will wait for task to be accepted or rejected over there. I am facing one small issue on this in Create form task, any idea how to fix this ?

I am using blank project instead of Orchestrator process and already installed necessary activities.

Hi @Debartha_Mitra_DE
Looks like you have some variables in your workflow of type HttpRequestMessageWrapper which is not serializable. You will have to scope that variable, so that it isn’t present in this activities scope.

Thanks for your reply,

As you can see I have these two variables in the collections and that’s the design of my form dialog. Below you can see all of the variables that I have created in my process

Will it be possible for you to review on this ?

@Debartha_Mitra_DE , looks like some variables are of type non-serializable (as per the error msg HttpRequestMessageWrapper) in the same scope of “Wait for Form Task & Resume” . All you need to do is take such non-serializable variables out of global scope or same scope of 'Wait & resume" activity.