Facing issue in extracting the data from sheets in the tool "Agresso"

I am facing issue while extracting the data from the sheets opened in tool “AGRESSO”.
I tried to do it with the help of “Extract structured Data” Activity, but it was not working
I also tried to do it with the help of "Send hotkey’ activity i.e Cntrl+A and Cntrl+C , but this method also does not provide any solution to my problem.
Kindly suggest me how to extract the data from the sheet.

Please find the attached screenshots.

ScreenShots.zip (198.6 KB)

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Hi, I am automating in Agresso as well, and having the same issues as you. What I did was to click the workflow once. Then send hotkeys: Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, and get pasteboard data. Format what I have copyed and work from that. Do you want my workflow?

On another note, do you have any issues with the errormessage “Agresso not responding”? I have some major issues with that… See screenshots: