Facial Detection and Redaction - Custom Activity

I’m pleased to announce a soon to be released custom activity to Detect Faces that are looking directly at a camera using your your UiPath robot. The activity makes use of the DlibDotNet library written by Takuya Takeuchi.

Although it has the limitation of only detecting camera facing ‘faces’, it is advantageous to using slower online machine learning models for a number of reasons.

  • Intuitive and Automated facial redaction on your desktop
  • Localized offline processing without machine learning models
  • Deployable as simple drag and drop RPA activity

This custom activity is intuitive and easy to use with use cases spanning from anonymizing Resumes and CVs to applications for GDPR, and FOIA request compliance

It’s not available yet, but keep an eye on this link. It is currently under review, and it will be available soon.

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Excited to use this feature. May be this will be useful in critical attended automation where only authorized person is supposed to execute a robot.

Looking forward to try this out on some interesting usecase.

Another amazing asset inside the UiPath Spaceship! :rocket:

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