Extracting the data from image based pdf

I have tried different ocr to extract the data from the image based pdf but cant get the accurate data .may i know the another way to do it.

@learner9 use extract image from pdf activity…

Hi we can try with
—To be simple we can start with READ PDF WITH OCR activity set with some different scales property
Which will give us string as output
Then we can manipulate the string either with split or Regex method


We can use Abby Flexicapture to get the data from pdf but we need license

Cheers @learner9

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i have tried all the ocr but it is not giving the accurate data and for the abby flexi capture i used it also.but found the same issue .will you let me know the diiferent ocr?

Did we try to change the scale property of the ocr engines and check for the output
Cheers @learner9

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