Extracting data through pdf using ocr and store it into excel

hi guys,
I need to extract entire data from pdf using ocr and store it in excel,can someone please help me to do this.

Navya K B

Hi @Navya_K_B

1)For reading the whole pdf use activity “Read PDF Text” and get an output in the format of text say variable name is “PdfText”.
2)then tell me how do you want to save that text like if you want any specific text to save then use string manipulations on PdfText.then save it in a datatable say “DT1” using build datatable and using add data row to it.Or you want to paste as it is means you just pass the “PdfText” variable in write cell activity
3)Use write cell activity and pass the file path and pass the datatable into it.

If you want more info give me some more info that what are you doing after read pdf text.
Hope this helps,

Thanks sriram,
i did read pdf with ocr,using microsoft ocr,and now i want to extract this data and write into excel.

@Navya_K_B good!!!

But why you are using OCR? that your pdf contains SCANNED IMAGES?

what data you want to extract From that PDF?

yes,it contains scanned images,and also table,so now i need to extract this using ocr and write into excel.

Thanks & regards

What do you want to extract? All the data from the images or some specific data you need?

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Hi, i need to extract the different amount from multiple pdf’s add those amount and write it to the excel… Kindly help for me in this … Note am trying this by using OCR