Extracting data(number) from different types of document - Digitize document

I want to build a process for extracting a specific tax number from different types of scanned documents.

What is the best approach for extracting the number from documents? the task is a bit complex due to the fact that in each document the number is placed in a different location, with a different label. I’ve used taxonomy to create document types, then digitize document, and classify to appropriate category based on the keyword. Right now only extracting part left, so any ideas, what would be the best option for extraction?

Thanks in advance

@Mateusz_Koper - We can try Regex based Extractor to extract the Tax Number, if it follows certain pattern…Please see the below example…

Thanks, I’m already using regex :slight_smile:
So how to present extracted data further, is it necessary to use activity “Present Validation station” and accept extracted data manually? instead of for example write everything to excel directly, and do not require any manual user intervention here?