Extracting data from PDF form(horizontal) and write into Excel table

I need help to collect data from pdf (customer data- horizontal formatting) and writing it into a proper structured excel table.
I tried read pdf->generate data table->write range but everything comes up in a single column.

but if the values are correct you can use build data table and then you can split the string in each row of generated data table and you can add split string to new data table.

Could you help me out with specifics? Say if the fields are Name, phone, address and email - how do I go about splitting the string? (PS- thank you so much for getting back to me)

is it possible for you to provide one sample row.? so that i can work on that an provide you solution

I want to collect the data name,date,address,phone and email from this sample pdfs. The Screen Scraping method has proven unreliable, hence I want to try going the normal string way.