Extract value from not empty cell of particular column of excel

I have an excel file which consists of a table and I’m trying to extract the value from last non empty cell of specific column. Please find the attached excel.
Standard Demo.xlsx (11.1 KB)


You have a tabular format in the excel which will read the entire table and even the text you have after the table.

So, just loop through the data table using for each row and check if the value in the row is null, may be the required column value you want. It won’t take more time

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@monikanimbalkar You can use this Linq to get the Data of Qty Column Upto Non Empty Rows: DT.AsEnumerable.TakeWhile(Function(x)Not(String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(x(“Qty”).toString)))

Result of this will be Ienumerable of Datarow.

Use the Datarow variable to get the Last Value , Something like this:

i am trying to retrieve excel cell and match into anther excel file.if not present then open application.