Extract the pdf but formet are diff

I have multiple scanned business pdf with different format i want to Extract some spacfic data and save into excel. how i will do that thanks

You can go for document understanding. Else if the values are tagged to some particular label we can extract using Regex expression. Can you share the screenshot of 2 pdf files and the required fields to extract.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan thanks for reply i sent screenshot formets are diff i want to extract highlighted data into Excel. Like this i have many other pdf formets
i am using intellgent ocr ml package


From these 2 pdf’s what i understood is all the fields which you want to capture from pdf’s are different. So we cannot easily fetch the values from the document.

May I know how many of these kinds of formats are there? for example, if you have some 10 different PDF formats, for all the 10 formats are the fieldname also different?

Not all some field are diff

Additionally, to select multiple pages at once from a large PDF file, first click the desired page while holding down the Shift key. Click Here