Extract text from website

I get text from a website, it works fine. When I use to show output on writeline activity.
But I store in textfile, output stores multiple time.
Pls solve
Thanks in advance

Hi @raja_ias

Can you elaborate on your issue?


I get a text from a website. EX: my output is “Hi Raja”

when I store it using Writetextfile activity, “Hi Raja” appears multiple time

Are you using the Write text file activity inside the loop?

If yes keep the activity outside the loop and try once


no @Sudharsan_Ka . I did not use any loop activity

If possible can you share the workflow or screenshot?

Hi @raja_ias ,

Just delete the text file and run again. If the problem repeats let us know.

@manjula_rajendran I want to store output into a text file.

Yes, you will write the outout to text file. I’m telling to delete the file which is already created. Sometimes due to cache or something this repetition happens when we run multiple times.

@manjula_rajendran still I am facing the same error

Please share the screen shot of your Write Line output and textfile output.

If possible share your workflow.Will look into it.

Share the link in which you need to extract and share your expected output if possible


getting text and filter.xaml (15.3 KB)

pls refer this, thanks

I attached my workflow @Sudharsan_Ka …pls refer

Can you send your project in ZIP?

Some activities are missing

getting text and filter.zip (4.4 KB)