Extract string from word file

I m using this synntax to extract First name - System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Split(str,“\n”)(9)
I get index was outside bounds of array @supermanPunch @ppr

Patient Registration Form_Sample1.docx (4.8 MB)


because there is nothing like \n present in doc so there is only 1 index and you are trying to get 9th index.

Okay then how can i extract that strings. In write line it shows every string to new line so i think that there are various lines

take a first look and inspect what Word readText is returning:

we got:

\n -marked with # 
\r - marked with +
\a BellChar chr(07) - marked with %

as we do not see any # we do see the typical word pattern \r\a

I get this as write line output

Kindly refer to above shared info, which shows details that are not visually captured by panel outputs

check and do see that there is no \n Asci code 10

Also crosschecked by this:


@pravin_bindage ,

As a first suggestion, could you replace the Word Application Scope with the WordDocument Read Text activity ?as there were unwanted characters when used with Word Application Scope.

Then using the output text, we should be able to get the First Name value by anchoring between Patient Registration Form and Male|Female like shown below :
Regex :

(?<=Patient Registration Form)[\S\s]*(?=Male|Female)

Expression :

Regex.Replace(Regex.Match(docText,"(?<=Patient Registration Form)[\S\s]*(?=Male|Female)").Value.Trim,"\r?\n"," ")


We also remove the carriage return or NewlIne Characters using Regex.Replace() with pattern \r?\n

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i got the john as output you can check.
FormWord= System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Split(Text," ")(2)

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